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Welcome to our website Oildale Glass LLC specializes in glass installation / repair & any custom ideas to tackle well help say what you can and cannot do to benefit you the most & our services along with the family code of helping you out the most and best advice to suit your needs and budget. we go above and beyond to ensure work and repairs that will be one less worry for you. We are located in the Bakersfield area. Glass is a multi-faceted material with many design uses. If you are planning to redecorate or update to new windows or replace old rotten ones or have questions feel free to call and ask us we'll be glad to help. When choosing your glass, Oildale Glass LLC ensures that the proper type of glass is installed for your needs and that you will have a surface that is free from defects for many years and up to code by CA Law.

Dual Pane Glass is an optimal insulator and can be thermally tempered to reduce energy costs with Lo-E coating to reduce noise pollution and enhancing safety. It is used on building facades, bathrooms and throughout the home, showing its unique individuality. In the unlikely event that any damage occurs, you'll want to rely on the knowledge of our expert repair team of over 35 plus years to fix the problem in order to avoid a more costly replacement.

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